Thursday, 30 January 2014

Hooey, Bunk, Gibberish, Rubbish, Drivel, Foolishness, Bilge…

Hooey:   noun
silly writing, ideas, etc.; nonsense; bunk: That's a lot
 of hooey and you know it!
My wife and I were having a discussion the other day when she asked, "How are the readers going to tell your true material from the rest of the hooey?"

She had just made a mistake and I was ready to help her with it. I went immediately to the authoritative source, the urban dictionary, and read her a few of the sample words readers had sent in for hooey. Crap, drivel, hogwash, gobbledygook... "Honey, the first entry references nonsensical writings, while the second refers to a traditional wood stick that is used in in trickery and magic tricks." Neither fits. Embarassed, she replied, "I can never keep those words straight, sorry!"  We had a good laugh, Her's more hearty than mine, as it often seems when I help her with her vocabulary. I like helping people with their words. Especially educators, It gives me a good feeling to be able to give back.

These pages can take you on quite a fictionary voyage, I agree. So yes, I think my wife's initial point is valid. If you really, absolutely need to be assured that a statement I make is clear and true, I will preface it with this internationally-recognized "NO BS" sign. This will give you assurance that the statement following can be trusted 100%.

  Any Discussion or information put forth on this website about medical treatment for Parkinson's is only the author's personal opinion and should not be considered as medical advice. Readers are requested to do their own due diligence and seek their own medical opinion from their doctor or neurologist.

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