Sunday, 21 May 2017

Parky On the Lam

As far as blogging goes, I am hardly known for my brevity. I am hoping today marks a change. "Parky On The Lam" will be the name for a series of little snippets, shorter accounts of incidents that happen to me in public (there are a lot). I cannot read peoples mind, but I think the most common reaction to me is to assume I am drunk. On the surface, that might make some sense as my biggest symptoms are mumbling/slurred speech and falling down.So sounds like a drunk, looks like a drunk - but dreses like a pro cyclist in spandex. How many people get shit-faced in spandex? Ok, Ok,  i'll give you that  - but besides the winner?
m funny situations stem from the fact that the symptoms often f Parkinson's can have such an on/off rhythm.. I will often freeze in a doorway but once through, may be able to walk away fluidly. 

The "kick" in mobility one gets when the drug Sinemet kicks in can be the source of some amusing reactions as someone may witness you at your worst stuck with little mobility, then in as little as a few seconds later walking completely normally with no sense of distress. My term for this phenomenon is "immaculate proprioception"  (no, you do not need to be Catholic to enjoy this)

I will upload my first entry for Parky on the Lamb on Saturday. It is about a beautiful young man named Muhammed who followed me home one day as he was worried about me after witnessing me fall off my bike. I hope you enjoy them 

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