Saturday, 1 April 2017

Liver Therapy - Has Your Parkinson's Treatment Ship Come In?

Here at Parkinson's Wake we like to generally keep things on the light side, However, any mention of a cure or effective treatment, and our focus is dead serious. So when we heard from the Swedish company Aprilskämt about their the new liver therapy (denna fruktansvärda hems orgel köttaaz)we were all ears. The company specializes in finding drugs and therapies that can be repurposed to treat conditions other than the ones they were designed for.

 Baby boomers may  have not-so-fond memories of this organ meat  - a mainstay of the dietary punishmnent movement (found most commonly in correctional institutions and large families) which capitalized on the void created by the banishment of the "Whackers"" a group comprised of adherents of corporal punishment - who in turn had replaced the demeaners" a cult-like group whose followers  favoured such barbaric parental behaviour mod practices as sticking a child's nose in the corner.

An es.  timated 8,000 Canadians are diagnosed with Parkinson's every year, and over 10 million people worldwide are living with the disease. The hallmarks of the disease are tremors, a propensity to fall down more often than a soccer player, and a strong urge to broadcast your innermost thoughts to complete strangers, whilst in your pjs until well into the afternoon. The disease is  relentless - And accordig to Lars the spokeman for Aprilskämt,    she can be a real bitch 

This therapy has already been proven safe in humans, and its production process is already established on the Tuesday night menu: because of this, the path through clinical trials and into widespread use is shorter and simpler to navigate. Recent trials in a mouse model of Parkinson's have provided positive results, and trials in humans are now set to begin next year.

Little is known about the exact mechanism the therapy utilizes. Side effects are minimal, and for the most part manageable. (Nausea, increased gag reflex , upset stomach, (and thats just while watching it being cooked.)

While not a cure, Liver  Therapy should be considered as just one more tool in the Parky's therapeutic toolbox. *Disclaimer Pakinsons Wake has no stake in Aprilskämt, nor the beef. Industry. The info  provided here is not deemed to be complete nor factualy correct. Please consult with your doctor or neurologist before embarking  on a course of liver treatment

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