Thursday, 7 July 2016

Paddle For Parkinson's Update

Sorry guys, my hard drive passed into the next life. Hoping to get something up tomorrow, holiday Mon, or Tues

Tr,ip Update: 

Doc Hits a Rough Patch
July 6, Paddled west 22 Km from Rupert into Chatham Sound on a beautiful morning and camping on a white sand beach on Lucy Island. 
July 5, Day of errands in Prince Rupert - maps, supplies, course reviews. Launch next leg tomorrow.
July 4, 40 Km today, saw tonnes of eagles and arrived in Prince Rupert. Tomorrow will pick up food drop and Wednesday start our last leg to Alaska. Big thanks for WestJet for help with Rick Rasmussen's flight and Lexie for the PR hospitality..
July 3, 30 Km today in wind, rain, fog and a few minutes of sun. Camping on McMicking Island. 40 Km south of Prince Rupert. 
July 2, High winds in Hecate Strait today so taking a weather day.
July 1, Happy Canada Day! 30 Km today to almost finish off the chanenel. Rain, wind and waves. Likely in Prince Rupert on Monday. 
June 30, Another 30 Km up Grenville Channel (known as the "ditch"). No whales today. Hoping to be in Prince Rupert by Sunday.
June 29, 21 Km today up Grenville Channel. Made friends with an Orca whale.
June 28, After 7 hrs and 34 Km, we are camping at the south entrance to Grenville Channel. Sunny day.
June 27, Up at 3:15 am and on the water by 4:45.Covered 25 Km in 5.5 hrs. Camping at top of Princess Royal Island.
June 26, Down day in Butedale. Population: 1. Rest day and opportunity to repair dry suit.
June 25, 27 Km further up Graham Reach today. Misty rain all day.
June 24, Kayaked 45 North of Klemtu. Camping at Graham Reach. No whales today.
June 23, After 7 hours of paddling, we covered 45 Km. Camping in Klemtu and attending a community dinner.
June 22, 6.5 hrs paddling. Covered 36 Km. Rain, fog, but no wind. Camping at Blair Inlet at mouth of Seaforth Channel. Still raining.
June 20 and 21, Two days in Shearwater/Bella Bella to retrieve next box of supplies and repair our Garmin. Thanks to the Shearwater Lodge, MEC and Pacific Coastal for their help. On the water again June 22.
June 19, Made it to Bella Bella, 25 Kms down today. Staying at a fishing lodge for a day off after 12 days out. Shower, laundry, beer and pizza (and WiFi)
June 18, Camping at entrance to Lama Passage. 28 Km today. Whales in distance. Plan for Bella Bella tomorrow. Monday off. Yea.
June 17, Beautiful day. Kayaked 45 km in about 7.5 hours. Camping 5 Km north of Namu. Big Day. Dolphins, cannery ghost town, Heitsuk NGO camp. Finished on Cclamshell beach.
June 16, late start to day. Paddled 31 Km today. Camping at Fish Egg Inlet, just south of Blair Island :-). Rained all night and all day. Tomorrow up Fitz Hough Sound.
June 15 - Another 20 K today. Camping on open beach. Next up is Fitz Hough Sound. Bye to the ocean for now.
June 14 - up at 3:45. Paddled for 4.5 hour. We are all the way around Cape Caution. She was kind to us. Camping at Red Sand Beach.
June 13 - up at 3:45 am. Paddled 20K of exposed coast. Camping at north end of Burnett Bay 
June 12 - Another day of winds so another day at Skull Cove; back on the water tomorrow; fish plentiful
June 11 - Spending day at Skull Cove, winds high so day of rest 
June 10 - Landed in Skull Cove. On Track. Good Day. Escort by John and Matt ending. Big thanks for support across the Channel
June 9 - landed at Shelter Bay on Mainland - sunny, smooth crossing in 4 hours
June 8 2016 - Launch from Port Hardy - landed at God's Pocket, Hurst Island

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