Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Water Is Getting Pretty Rough out There

Thursday Update:

Just cleaning up a few puddles here and there.  A few parts were rejected by the censor board. I have cleaned it all up and now you are safe to huddle around the blog with your family on Sunday nights instead of watching Heartland. you will get it later today at long last      

Wednesday Update:

The water can get pretty rough out this way. We like to think that here at Parkinson's Wake we are getting good at handling rough water. Even so, this week it has been coming over the top of the gunnels - slowing progress on almost everything. Posting will come tomorrow. I think it's become apparent pretty quick that a rigid posting schedule is not suitable for me. I'm thinking that the once a week frequency may be manageable but I think we need to go back to the flexible posting timing - as in, it will be posted when it's posted.

Thanks for your understanding!


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